Posted: July 17th, 2022

Week 4 progress Report

Week 4 Progress Report

Posting weekly progress reports is important for marking attendance and maintaining enrollment in the course. Additionally, posting will serve as a reminder to keep making progress on your dissertation work.

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Week 4 progress Report
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The purpose of this “self-report” is to maintain accountability and focus, helping you keep the dissertation process on your individual calendar. An important key to successfully completing a dissertation is to keep moving forward with tasks.

For Week 4, you will need to revisit your work plan. Discuss what you accomplished and what you were unable to complete. Identify the challenges you faced in meeting the goals of your plan and what you will do to overcome those challenges. You will need to post this discussion in the Progress Report Discussion Area by the due date assigned. You should respond to any questions your chair or committee members have prior to the end of the academic week. 

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