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wireless communication and network


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wireless communication and network
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Wireless Communication and Networks

Assignment-Group Project

Designing a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) for a Small to Medium Enterprise


 ITNE3004 Assignment-Group Project

 Assignment Description: You are required to write a report that proposes a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) design that meets the requirements of an organization. You can choose any organization; however, the organization should be selected such that network design is complex and involves multiple applications, users and devices.

Learning Outcomes: This assignment covers the following learning outcomes:

LO1 Explain fundamentals of wireless networks and

communication principles

LO2 Analyze the requirements and install wireless LAN in an enterprise setting

LO3 Adopt the steps and protocols to install wireless network clients

LO4 Implement basic WLAN security

LO5 Explain and demonstrate operation of basic wireless control systems tools

LO6 Analyze the basic WLAN maintenance and troubleshooting requirements

LO7 Plan, implement and maintain a wireless network for a medium size company

Group Assignment: This is a group assessment. Please make groups of four students for this assessment. Total Marks: This assignment contributes 20% of the final course weighting for this unit. The assignment

will be marked out of 100 marks.

Submission Timeline: There are four submissions for this assignment

Submission 1: You must submit the group names to your instructor in week 6.

Submission 2: You must submit a project proposal in week 8 that will consist of the following:

• Group members and roles

• Chosen organization

• Requirements of the organization

• Network overview

• Project plan

Submission 3: Submit a video presentation in week 11 explaining the project. The video presentation will be uploaded on the moodle. (10 marks)

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 ITNE3004 Assignment-Group Project

 Submission 4: Final Report submission in week 12. (90 marks)

Detailed Submission Requirements:

The word limit of the report is 4000. It should be written in size 12 Arial Font. You must submit your own work and use appropriate references in APA style where needed. The similarity index of your report should not be more than 20%.

Context and Requirements

● You should choose any small to medium organization with many users and applications.

● You should analyze and discuss various requirements of the chosen organization.

● You should critically analyze various WLAN technologies and devices that can be used to meet

the requirements of the chosen organization.

● You should analyze and discuss various security technologies including protocols and/or devices

that you have used to protect the WLAN from various security attacks and vulnerabilities.

● You should critically evaluate any two WLAN monitoring and maintenance tools and recommend

one for your chosen organization.

● You should clearly label and draw the logical topology diagram of your organization with focus on

the various WLAN technologies and devices.

Structure of Report

Your report must follow the structure given below;


It should concisely explain the aims, objectives and content of the report. It should be between 250 – 300 words long (tip: write the abstract last).


In few paragraphs mention details and background of the organization e.g. type of organization, number of users, number of branch offices, number of floors/buildings, applications used by organization etc.

Requirements Analysis

Analyze and discuss various requirements of the chosen organization. The organization must span multiple floors and/or buildings. Moreover, users must be able to roam freely in the network without any disruptions. Various other requirements like the number of WLAN users, different types of user communities, various applications used by the organization etc. should also be discussed in this section.

Designing the Network

Design the network by critically evaluating various WLAN technologies and devices that will meet the requirements of the organization. You should clearly explain the floor (s) plan and draw the topology of the network with focus on the WLAN technologies and devices. In this section you should also provide detailed

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 ITNE3004 Assignment-Group Project

 information on

● Bandwidth requirements

● Subnetting for WLAN users

● Various WLAN protocols used

● Various devices used e.g. Access Points, WLAN controllers etc.

● Frequency used

● IEEE substandard used

● Basic Service Set (BSS)

● Extended Service Set (ESS)

Security Analysis

● Critically analyze your WLAN for various security vulnerabilities and attacks. You must discuss any four security vulnerabilities and attacks.

● Discuss various technologies, protocols and devices that you have used to protect your network from the four vulnerabilities and attacks.

WLAN Monitoring Tools

● Choose any two WLAN monitoring tools. Critically evaluate them in-terms of their features for WLAN management, maintenance and troubleshooting.

● Recommend one for your organization by giving justifications. Hardware Requirements

● Various devices that you have used to design your WLAN should be discussed in detail.

● A proper justification is needed for every device that you have used.

● You must mention the make and model of every device that you have used.


● Conclude your report by highlighting key requirements of the organization and how your design meets those requirements.


● You must list (in alphabetical order) every journal article, conference paper etc. you have used to prepare your report. You must use correct APA referencing. Your references should enable someone reading your report to easily identify and refer to any works you have used.

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 ITNE3004 Assignment-Group Project

 Marking Guide


Abstract Introduction Requirements Analysis Designing the Network Security Analysis WLAN Monitoring Tools Hardware Requirements Conclusions References

Video Presentation Total Marks


10 05 10 20 15 15 05 05 05 10 100

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