Posted: June 12th, 2022

Wk 2 – Library Research Worksheet


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Wk 2 – Library Research Worksheet
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Last week, you identified a topic and research question for your final paper, which is due in Week 5. This week, you will spend some time locating research sources that will support your argument in that paper. This assignment will guide you through how to locate your sources.

Explore the information in “Locate Peer-Reviewed/Scholarly Materials” on the Week 2 University Library page.

Read “Develop a Search Strategy” from the Week 2 University Library page. Click each of the tabs on the main page and review each step in the process.

  • Identify Main Concepts & Keywords: The guidelines on this page can help you create a list of keywords for your research question.
  • Choose a Database: The guidelines on this page will help you select the database that will work best for your topic, or you may discover that library search box is the best place to start.
  • Improve Your Results: These strategies will help you narrow your results or conduct advanced searching to get more specific.

Using what you learned about search strategies, conduct a basic keyword search of your topic. Filter your search to include resources from the last 5 years. Improve your results using the advanced search techniques.

Choose articles from your search results to save and read. Select at least 3 articles, including at least 1 peer-reviewed article, for your final paper.

Complete the Library Research Worksheet.

Submit your worksheet.


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