Posted: June 14th, 2022

Wk2 DB1

Prepare: Prior to tackling this first discussion question, read Chapters 5 to 7 in A Novel Approach to Politics.  ????Reflect: The different systems of government employed today by various countries are all distinctive in some respects yet similar in others. Broadly, three governmental systems can be identified and discussed: presidential systems, parliamentary systems, and authoritarian systems. Each system reflects the unique political culture, institutions, and actors within these countries. Examining these three systems will expand our understanding of how people are governed around the world and how effective each type of system is in providing goods and services to their citizens.  ????Write: You will be assigned to research a specific country based on the first letter of your last name.

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Wk2 DB1
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  • You must research Brazil.
  • In your initial post of at least 200 words, research the assigned country and complete the following:
  • Explain what features of your assigned country’s government make it either a presidential system, a parliamentary system, or an authoritarian system.
  • Discuss the political culture, primary political institutions, and major political actors in your assigned country.
  • Explain if the current governmental system is effective at providing for the needs of the country’s citizens.

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