Posted: September 14th, 2022


Question 7

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Opportunities in Less Developed Countries Offer your opinion on why economies of some less developed countries with strict restrictions on international trade and DFI are somewhat independent from economies of other countries. Why would MNCs desire to enter such countries? If these countries relaxed their restrictions, would their economies continue to be independent of other economies? Explain.

Question 12

Disney’s DFI Motives What potential benefits do you think were most important in the decision of the Walt Disney Co. to build a theme park in France?



Question 14

Impact of Financing on NPV Ventura Corp., a U.S.-based MNC, plans to establish a subsidiary in Japan. It is confident that the Japanese yen will appreciate against the dollar over time. The subsidiary will retain only enough revenue to cover expenses and will remit the rest to the parent each year. Will Ventura benefit more from exchange rate effects if its parent provides equity financing for the subsidiary or if the subsidiary is financed by local banks in Japan? Explain


Question 21


Accounting for Exchange Rate Risk Carson Co. is considering a 10-year project in Hong Kong, where the Hong Kong dollar is tied to the U.S. dollar. Carson Co. uses sensitivity analysis that allows for alternative exchange rate scenarios. Why would Carson use this approach rather than using the pegged exchange rate as its exchange rate forecast in every year? 

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