Posted: October 17th, 2022

1. Program Implementation Barriers 2. Case Studies

1.(based on the obesity project)

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1. Program Implementation Barriers 2. Case Studies
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For this assignment, you will consider what might represent barriers to the success of your program.  Think broadly – including practical, theoretical, cultural, etc. barriers.  Be realistic.  What really could get in your way?  Refer to your readings for guidance.


Your assignment must describe and justify, in detail, FIVE realistic barriers to the success of your program.

Formatting and Other Requirements

•  Title page with name, assignment title, and university (APA-style)

•  Double-spaced

•  Times New Roman font, 12-point

•  1” margins on all four sides

•  1-2 pages in length (length requirement does not take title page into consideration)

2.  Case studies can be an excellent opportunity for students to apply their understanding of course materials in a real-life scenario as a manager. More information is in the attachment

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