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Are you stuck with your research proposal?
Do you need help getting a research proposal topic? If so, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with brilliant undergraduate and postgraduate topic ideas. Moreover, we’ll show you how to write a perfect research proposal paper

Research Proposal: Definition

It is a type of academic paper that you write to show you have a project to investigate. Through the research proposal, you show why the topic you chose is worth it, how you’ll explore the chosen topic, and the method you’ll use in your research paper. The topic to write is to persuade others why your topic needs need to be investigated.

How to Write a Research Proposal

Before writing the research proposal, it’s very crucial to understand the research proposal structure.

Components of a Research Proposal

Usually, a research proposal consists of the following; Title, abstract, introduction, research methodology, research results, discussion, ethical consideration, and references.

Now let’s look at each part of a research proposal.

  1. Title

The first you need to do when writing a research proposal is to choose a title. Your tile must have the following characteristics;

  • Be eye-catching
  • Easy to read
  • Written in active voice
  • Must be short and brief
  • Inform your readers what your proposal is all about.

In this article, you’ll find research proposal topics in different fields. Make sure to choose the best topic that aligns with your study field.

  1. Abstract

This part has a word count ranging from 100 words to 300 words.

In your abstract, include the following;

  • The reason for writing
  • Problem
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Implications

The key purpose of an abstract is to summarize your research proposal. Therefore, write it after the rest of the paper is done.

  1. Introduction

An introduction contains the following parts:

  • Research background. Here, mention all researchers of your topic. Also, describe their findings, experiments, and theories.
  • Research questions. Make sure to find brilliant research questions that will convince your audience of the importance of the study.
  • Research approach. Define the approach you’ll use to investigate your research questions. You can use the two options: a) An empirical approach based on experiments or observations. b) Literature review meta-analysis to review the f author’s findings in more detail.


  1. Research Methodology

Describe the methods you’ve used. By doing so, your work will be more credible and allow readers to evaluate it properly.

Your research methodology will help you carry out your research. It’s connected to your research question.

  1. Research Results

How can you write the research results when you have conducted the research yet? I guess you may be asking yourself this question.

Don’t worry! In this section, you’re not expected to conclude. Instead, analyze the results you’ll get after completing your project. Moreover, how will those results impact your field of study and society at large?

How do you present and organize research proposal results? Well, there are two ways:

  • Present results synopsis followed by an explanation of key findings.
  • Present a result and then explain it. End with an overall synopsis.
  1. Research Discussion

Here, you must include the problems you are likely to face in your research. Whether it’s trouble getting an interview from a foreign professor or even funds to conduct experiments.

Inform your research committee of all the things you can’t do for your project. By doing so, they will give you helpful advice for your research.

  1. Ethical considerations

If your research is to be conducted on people or animals, state how you’re going to collect the data. Your research proposal methodology must not conflict with ethical guidelines.

  1. References and Appendices

Cite all the sources used in the reference section. Include questionnaires and other documents related to your investigation in the appendices.


Research Paper Topics

Now that you understand how to write a research proposal, let’s look at the research paper topics you can choose.


Information Technolgy Research Topics

Human dependency on computers keeps growing. Over recent years, the demand for IT skills has skyrocketed. Therefore, solid knowledge in the IT field makes you an invaluable employee for any company. Here are some topics in this field.

  • How does the social media algorithm impact user experience? You can base your investigation on the most popular social media platforms. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.
  • WLAN Network. Explore the possible ways of improving FEC schemes in cases of wireless channel loss.
  • Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks( WMSN) performance. Here, you can investigate physical layers, transport, and application of the communication protocol stack.
  • 5G Network. Analyze the usage barriers and future developments.
  • Integration of organic processes into robots. Analyze its impact.
  • Real-time feedback in education. Students’ feedback is very crucial in academics. Examine the methods and existing technologies that allow a teacher to get feedback on how students understand the lessons.
  • Facial recognition: How can government abuse it?
  • What are the possible solutions to current AI-related issues?
  • Mass misinformation. Examine the roles that IT plays to promote it.
  • Massive data breaches. How do they impact regular users?


Research Proposal Topics in Business

The business research proposal covers areas such as strategic planning, leadership, and sustainability. Here are some topics in the business study field.

  • Ethics and corporate social responsibility. Show how corporate responsibility can increase employees’ loyalty.
  • Cultural and organizational behavior between China and US. Explain why the Chinese market is attractive to US companies. Give examples of those companies that depend on the Chinese market. Examine the barriers to building the chines market. Provide information about organizational behavior in china.
  • Examine the strategies of running a business and support your claim with relevant examples.
  • Virtual reality. How does it attract customers?
  • Small business and big enterprise. Examine the current performance of small businesses compared to big enterprises in your local area. Will the small business survive in the next decades? What can we do to prevent monopolization of the market?
  • Business planning: Discuss its importance
  • Inexperienced graduates: Is there a place for freshly college graduates in the job market? What can be done to maximize their appeal as employees?
  • Accounting and accountability. Explore the connection between accounting and accountability in the business setup.
  • How does sustainable development affect business? Shows examples of business organizations that became successful in the 21st century?
  • Examine a business advertising strategies and their impact on consumerism.


Education Research Proposal Topics

  • The use of innovative technologies in education. Examine how the use of computers and digital innovation in school impacts education.
  • Effectiveness of online lectures in providing education
  • Examine the innovative approaches to teaching. Examine the benefits and drawbacks of these approaches.
  • Discuss how a parent’s overprotectiveness may lead a child to be anxious.
  • Examine the effectiveness of peer feedback in education
  • Access the effects of replacing teachers with AI instructors.
  • Are general college courses necessary? Such courses include algebra, biology, and chemistry. Should students concentrate only on their areas of specialization?
  • Examine the advantages and disadvantages of educational apps for children.
  • How does the exam testing system impact children’s self-confidence? Assess how exams make children develop anxiety and depression. Moreover, how does it leads to low self-confidence and hurt their social skills?
  • Roles of art in child’s development. Show how art affects children’s development.


Research Proposal Topics in Sociology

  • American dream. Is it attainable for minority groups?
  • What is the correlation between social networks and deviant tendencies?
  • Examine the early stages of a person’s language acquisition
  • Analyze how a person’s conflict behavior depends on their racial identity.
  • Analyze the issue of poverty among ethnic minorities. Research how it impacts occupational mobility.
  • Examine how a person’s wealth influences voting patterns.
  • Racial discrimination. Examine the mechanisms to prevent racial discrimination in societies with diverse backgrounds of people.
  • Social responsibility in developing countries. Examine the safety mechanisms that companies must take in the construction industry of developing countries.
  • What causes segregation in modern cities?
  • Assess the impacts of family structure on one’s occupation


Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

The criminal justice system encompasses law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Some of the topics in criminal justice include;

  • Examine the correlation between gun control and crime. Can gun control reduce crimes?
  • Is it true that most crimes are committed during public emergencies? If so, what be done to prevent them?
  • Police violence. Examine the ways how the perception of police affects public safety.
  • Impacts of drug courts on people. Do they hurt or harm people?
  • Prostitution legalization: Will it reduce or increase crime?
  • Is the death penalty an effective way to prevent economic crimes?
  • Methods to curb drug trafficking.
  • Gender influence on crime punishment. Why is it that men are more likely to get the death penalty?
  • Examine the impacts of parents’ incarceration on children.


Research Proposal Topics on Economics

  • Examine the ways the government violates workers’ rights. Discuss the government’s actions such as prioritizing corporates’ interests to show their real goals.
  • What are the advantages and advantages of commission-based jobs?
  • Industries and labor unions. Why do companies consider labor unions a nuisance?
  • How should we address the issue of homelessness? Despite various government and community budgets to on making common homeless people inaccessible, the problem persists. Are we addressing the core problem of this issue?
  • Should we revisit the fiduciary rule? Examine why some stakeholders view the initiative as a nuisance.
  • What factors lead to wage suppression?
  • Covid impact on farmers. Is it the current cause of the hike in food prices?
  • Examine how the massive losses of jobs impact state economies.
  • What could accelerate decreased economic growth?
  • Will the rich suffer due to the new tax regulation?


International Topic for Research Proposal

Due to globalization, the world is now like one small village. It’s interconnected more than ever. Various states, NGOs, and other global actors interact with each other through international relations. International relations subject contains the aspects of economics, politics, and law. Some of the topics include:

  • The impact of xenophobia in diplomatic relations.
  • How do economic sanctions affect citizens?
  • Examine inequality and discrimination issues in developing countries.
  • How does favoritism occur in global relations?
  • Examine the correlation between the liberal approach and long-lasting conflicts.
  • Examine the advantages and disadvantages of nationalism. Currently, the main issues in the world like global warming require international corporations. However, solutions to these challenges may be harmful to various countries.
  • What are the barriers to nuclear disarming the countries with nuclear weapons?
  • Throughout human civilization, humans were driven by the desire to conquer other counties and societies. Has this approach transformed or outlived its purpose?
  • Examine the United Nations’ recent successes and failures. The UN is responsible for mitigating conflicts and disasters. However, not all of these initiatives are fruitful. For example, there’s still conflict in countries like Yemen and Sudan
  • Who is the target audience when representing a nation’s interest?


Research Proposal Topics on Environment

  • Examine the Paris Climate Agreement and show its weakness.
  • How do LED lights impact the environment?
  • Analyze the impact of acid rain on marine life and wildlife
  • Investigate whether electric cars can replace gas-fueled cars. Examine the strengths and weaknesses of electric cars.
  • Examine the Chernobyl, Fukushima disataer, and Arkhagelsk explosion. How can we prevent similar tragedies to occur in the future?
  • Access the ecosystem of the Amazon rainforest and suggest methods aimed at rainforest restorations.
  • Impacts of an invasive grass on plants in arid lands
  • Ways to replicate temperature tolerance in fish.
  • What role does riparian forest play in carbon regulation?
  • What prevents the degradation of thriving ecosystems?
  • Is the modern weather prediction types of equipment effective?


Research Proposal Topics in Biology

  • Examine the ethics of stem cell cloning and its impacts on social development.
  • The interrelation between heart health and stimulants. Examine the correlation between stimulants and risks of heart disease.
  • What are the possible health effects of living on mars?
  • How do we prevent virus mutation?
  • Explore the most popular diets and how they affect a person’s health. Are there any benefits of eating vegetables and fruits only?
  • What causes cancer? Assess studies related to its causes.
  • Examine how maternal hormones in the first-trimester impact the risk of breast cancer.
  • Ethics of drug prescription in children. Examine ways to improve pediatric drug trials and development.
  • Investigate the biological factors that influence a country’s economic stability.
  • Examine the botanical structures in the advanced artificial design
  • Is genetic engineering possible before 2025?

Medical Research Proposal Topics

For humans to survive, medical research is very crucial. Some of the topics include:

  • Treatment and prevention of addiction among young people. Provide ideas for the treatment of young people and ways to help them live a drug-free life. Explore various mechanisms to prevent porn, video games, and drug addictions.
  • Health care in rural areas. Investigate and provide suggestions on how to improve quality healthcare in rural areas.
  • Prevention of child obesity. OECD reports suggest that one in six children suffers from obesity. Investigate recent studies and suggest new concepts for obesity treatment and prevention.
  • Patient survival during pediatric transplant. Examine new drugs that can assist to minimize the side effects of the treatment regimens. You can also analyze the challenges faced by treating a patient who has undergone a surgical transplant.
  • Stress-related disorders among youth. You can examine ways to prevent depression and anxiety disorders among youth.
  • Examine disease prevention among pregnant women.
  • Revascularization among older patients. Examine its pro and cons.
  • Examine the accuracy of noninvasive screening.
  • Examine sub-fertility between both women and men.
  • Health care education in schools. Suggest ways in which to improve the quality of education programs.
  • The dark side of sports: Diseases in athletes.


Developmental Studies Research Proposal Topics

Developmental studies cover political, social, or cultural issues.

Some of the topics include:

  • Interrelations between Education and success. Examine the relationship between education, quality of life, and living standards.
  • Examine the impacts of NGOs and social on human rights. How do they promote human rights in developing counties?
  • How do waste management programs influence society? Examine this issue and analyze its impacts on society, the environment, and economics.
  • How do women’s equipment programs contribute to their independence? Research how vocational education impacts empowering women in different societies.
  • Interrelations between social institutions and economic development.
  • The roles of social movements in promoting equality. Examine how various social movements ensure equality in a specific country.
  • International relations and economic development. We live in a world where countries can’t survive without multilateral relations. Examine how international relations influence the economic development of a specific country.
  • Public health and globalization. How does globalization affect public health?
  • Examine what is in demand in developing countries.
  • The great depression and modernity. What did we inherit from the great depression?
  • Is the population in third-world counties inevitable?

Philosophy Research Proposal Topics

What is the meaning of life? Philosophers have been asking these questions for centuries. You can join their pondering with a research proposal topic from the list below.

  • Examine theodicy in the works of medieval philosophers. Theodicy is an explanation of why God permits the manifestation of evil. This issue was a problem for religious philosophy. To determine whether philosophers were successful or not, you can select a research topic from this area.
  • Examine Kant’s critique of the existence of God. In his book Pure Reason, Kant wrote, “Medieval philosophers tried too hard to prove that God exists, but their proofs were all similar.” Kant argues that there are only a few main types of such proofs and all of them are similar. You can choose this as a research topic and find out why.
  • John Searle is an American philosopher analyst whose works cover a broad range of topics, from a philosophy of language and mind to political philosophy. Investigate the work of John Searle.
  • Examine Aristotle’s influence on medieval philosophers.
  • Is digital morality possible? Examine the issue of transhumanism.
  • Investigate religion and philosophical ideas in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
  • Examine the issue of free will and regret.
  • Investigate a pro-religious justification of Hume and miracles.
  • Study why the information gaps are necessary.
  • Examine the mechanisms to deny the antecedent to enhance the argument.


Psychology Research Proposal Topics

The human mind is a mystery. That’s why psychology remains a fascinating topic. Some psychology research proposal topics include:

  • What are potential substitutes for aging without children?
  • Examine the psychology behind Mandela’s effect.
  • What is the trial-and-error method in choosing a therapy?
  • Examine the arguments of Freud Sigmund on free will.
  • Investigate the roles of the methodology in developmental research.
  • Examine Carl Jung’s contribution to psychology.
  • Analyze the differences between sociopathy and psychopathy.
  • Asses the issue of bullying in high school from a psychological point of view. Bullying still poses a problem in high schools. Victims of bullying can suffer from serious adverts. You can analyze the reasons for bullying and how victims can defend themselves.
  • Analyze the potential effects of PTSD(post-traumatic stress disorder) You can research how exactly PTSD may impact a person’s life.
  • Cognitive psychology. You can explore people’s thoughts can be an exciting research proposal topic.
  • Examine whether aromanticism is a choice or not.
  • Discuss the psychological reasons for employees’ resistance.


Chemistry Research Proposal Topics

  • Examine safe alternatives for contamination procedures.
  • Role of metal oxide catalysts in energy review.
  • Examine the impact of temperature on chemical reaction speed. The higher the temperature, the faster the chemical reaction. Investigating why this happens can be an interesting research proposal topic.
  • Investigate the use of organometallic compounds in the industry.
  • Study the use of organic solvents in the contemporary world.
  • Examine the differences between covalent and organic bonds.
  • The impact of the chemically related topics on human health. In your research proposal topic, you can explore ways how to prevent toxic influence on human lives
  • Interrelations between allergy and chemistry. Most people suffer from allergies all over the world. You can investigate what role chemistry and toxicants play in increased disease rates.
  • Impact of chlorine on the body. Examine how can organic home clean product usage lower the risks of allergic rhinitis.
  • Examine toxic profiling and its importance. This is a crucial research topic for college and university students.
  • Examine the chemistry of LSD.
  • Describe the relations of alchemy with Physics.


History Research Proposal Topics

  • Examine the role of the United States in dealing Nazi Germany and its allies during World War II
  • Investigate the issue of the witch hunts in Europe during the Middle age and Renaissance.
  • Investigate the differences between Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin during the Soviet Union era.
  • Examine the impact of the French Revolution on Europe’s history.
  • Explore the impacts of European colonization on Native Americans.
  • Discuss the history of Human slavery in the United States.
  • Examine the history and evolution of Buddhism.
  • Examine the British Empire’s conflicts with its colonies.
  • Investigate the development of the post-Macedonian empires.


MBA Research Proposal Topics and Ideas

  • Examine business start-ups in the digital age
  • Discuss employee commitments during uncertain times
  • How can AI help business strategic models?
  • Examine the HR training’s direct impact on retaining employees
  • Discuss the core reasons behind family successes
  • Investigate the relation between leadership and job satisfaction
  • Does the cost of packaging affect the manufacturer’s profitability? You can examine the problems associated with the most popular types of packaging. Give recommendations to improve the packaging strategies.
  • Effective employee selection and recruitment.
  • Investigate time management in companies
  • Will privatization help ailing companies? You can identify problems of failing industries privatization.
  • Study how to identify inadequacies of the workplace environment.


Management Research Topics

  • Analyze various conflict types using Ruskin Bond’s team model.
  • Explore the skills related to management strategies.
  • Analyze Big-data competencies for maintaining managerial competitiveness.
  • Investigate constructive role in improving business.
  • Social media marketing? What is the red ocean strategy?
  • Explore the advantages of Facebook in the e-commerce field.
  • Analyze the methods to improve product development using dynamic capability.
  • Investigate the mechanisms of allocation of human resources. Use empirical research techniques in your work.
  • Discuss talent cultivation and protection in competitive fields.
  • Analyze the benefits of exponential thinking in management.


Computer Science Research Proposal Topics

  • How to ensure better functionality of a desktop and mobile app devices.
  • VR devices and health. What are the health issues associated with the use of VR devices?
  • Analyze how machine learning can be useful in the prediction of student success.
  • Provide suggestions on how analytics can help in student’s choice choices
  • Analyze the impacts on the use of VR and AR in education.
  • Analyze how gamification can be applied to various subjects.
  • Integration of social media and group projects. Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are very important in today’s life. Examine how can social media can be useful in group projects.
  • Financial cybersecurity. Examine its weak points.
  • Will the internet be available everywhere in the future? If not, why?
  • Discuss issues related to online surveys


We hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions regarding writing a proposal, just contact us. We’re ready and happy to assist. Good luck with your writing.



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