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How to Write an Outstanding Cover Letter for a Job: A complete Guide and Sample

How do I write a cover letter to help me get a job?

It’s the question that pops up before or after writing your CV.

Understanding how to write a cover letter is very crucial. Especially, when deciding to apply for a more competitive position in the job market.

It’s crucial to differentiate between a cover letter for a job and a cover letter for an internship. The cover letter for the internship position is more about your passions and aspirations. On the other hand, a cover letter for a job is a pitch of yourself as a professional.

Now let’s dive into a step-by-step guide on how to write a cover letter for a job.


How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job


The first part of a cover letter is the header. It seems insignificant, but it’s very crucial in your cover letter. Make sure the cover letter header is grammatically correct.


Right after the header, address your hiring manager in the greetings by using Dear Sir or Dear Madam. You can find your hiring manager’s name on the company’s website or in the job posting itself. Look for the section labeled “Employer Contact Information.”

Catchy Intro

Make sure your first sentence is eye-catching and appealing to the reader. It will make the reader more interested in your work.

Mention your Professional Skills

Reveal your talents or anything that makes you look like a qualified candidate. Make it brief and informative. Hobbies also count if they fit your position in any way. Make sure to tailor the skills you mention to the specific position you’re applying for.

Reveal Why You Choose This Company

Mention why you have chosen this specific company over others. You can point out their previous work that convinced you they’re a team of professionals.

Formal Closing

To end your cover letter, you can write something creative but try o keep it formal. You can also conclude it with “I’m looking forward to hearing from you.” Just write something simple and wrap it up.


Tips For a Successful Cover Letter

Here are some excellent tips to help you write a cover letter that stands out from the crowd.

  1. Conduct Thorough Research

The first thing to do before you write a  letter is to conduct your research thoroughly. Look for more information related to the company you’re interested in. What are the working hours? What projects have they been working on recently? Dropping a hint of inner know-how in your cover letter can make your application process smoother. It doesn’t have to be a super detailed report.

  1. Begin with a Strong Statement.

Hit your reader with something breathtaking right away. Research shows that a recruiter can lose interest in your letter in a couple of seconds. Don’t let the reader be bored for the first seconds. Try to make the cover more appealing as possible. You can ask your friends or family members what they think about your cover letter.

  1. Focus on the Future and have Motivation

Motivation is one of the most important things that the recruiters look out at your cover letter. Mention what you want to achieve once hired for this job. Also, mention where you want to be in a couple of years. If you lack motivation, it will show.

  1. Write About your Hard Skills

Hard skills make you an excellent candidate for the specific position you’re applying for. It’s very crucial to mention these skills in your cover letter. Don’t duplicate what you’ve already mentioned in your CV, but expand on it. A summary of your relevant experiences should be more than enough. You can highlight some complementing skills. For a web developer, graphic design and computer science would come in handy.

  1. Make it Short

Make your letter short, engaging, and to the point. It should be less than 500 words long. Recruiters have no time to read generic cover letter templates about how you would like to work in their company. A cover letter is a cold sales pitch.

  1. Edit and Proofread Your Cover Letter

All people make mistakes. So don’t think of sending a cover letter to your human resource manager without going it through again. Read it carefully again to check whether are grammatical or other errors. Give it to someone to read it and ask them what they think about the cover letter. Attention to every detail in your cover letter will put you a step closer to becoming an ideal candidate.


Cover Letter Sample


Dear Sir or Madam,


I have been working as part of an editorial team for many years. I feel honored to be part of a great team. I have only good things to say about my managers. They inspired me to create something better close to what we had going on. I  believe that they have managed to pass enough wisdom for me to bale to develop those results.

 I’m a skilled writer with tons of experience specializing in marketing and technical writing. Having worked as a journalist, I could transfer my experience to the types of tasks you offer. I am a highly organized and motivated individual with editorial experiences.

 Even though my job description didn’t involve managerial responsibilities, I could do such tasks. I was one of the team’s most senior and reliable members. I’m familiar with the intricacies of team management. It makes me the perfect candidate for the position you’re going to fill in.

 I have been looking for a company to join for some time now. And it’s your specific startup that captured my attention due to its progressive format. So I emphasize your resolve to revolutionize the niche. I have seen how it works to be able to make some suggestions and do some experiments.

 My approach to work and management is constant growth, adaptation, and innovation. I’m very excited to find a company that shares the same values. I feel we fit each other and could benefit from this partnership.


Thank you for your time and consideration. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.



Your name.

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