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100+ Outstanding Compare and Contrast Essay Topics & Writing Tips


Do you need help with  Compare and Contrast Essay Topics ideas for your essay? If so, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how to write compare and contrast essay and get some topic ideas.

First, what is compare and contrast essay?

It is a type of essay that points outs the similarities and differences between two subjects. It creates an analogy to explain certain things. They’re not used to emphasizing personal opinions.


Tips to Choose a Brilliant Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Choose a topic from your field of interest.
  • Choose a topic based on your class or specialist subject.
  • Analyze each argument carefully.
  • Write a conclusion that summarizes both arguments.
  • Discuss each argument equally and don’t be biased.
  • Determine which arguments are right and wrong in the conclusion.

Let’s look at compare and contrast essay topics to consider


Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Science

  • The difference between earth’s moon and mars’ moons
  • What is the difference between SpaceX and NASA
  • Electric-powered cars versus gasoline-powered cars
  • Earthquakes versus hurricanes: what should we prepare for the most
  • Which is the best: Greenhouse farming versus polytunnel
  • What will we discover in the future? Undiscovered species in oceans versus potential life in Proxima Centauri b
  • Pregnancy versus motherhood
  • The differences between and similarities between Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein’s theories on gravity.
  • Earth versus Mars
  • The differences between our solar system and Proxima Centauri

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Sports and Leisure

  • The English Premier League compared to Laliga Santander
  • Mancity versus Liverpool
  • Basketball versus football
  • Barcelona 2012 team versus Bayern 2020 team. Which is the best among the two
  • Morning exercise versus evening exercise
  • United States football team versus Brazil football team: The differences between the two team
  • Swiming versus hiking. Which is the best way to spend your leisure
  • F1 versus Off-Road racing
  • Walking versus eating outside with your partner

Psychology Essay Topics

  • What is a more severe mental disorder? Bipolar disorder versus Epilepsy
  • Methods for treating depression: Traditional medicine versus modern medicine
  • Which is dangerous for people’s psychological well-being?
  • Differences between love and lust
  • Strict parenting versus relaxed parenting
  • Mental institutions and stress clinics
  • Bulimia versus Anorexia
  • Which is the most effective way of counseling: Parental advice versus Peer advice amongst children and peers
  • Bipolar disorder versus epilepsy
  • Ego versus super-ego

Topics About Tv Shows, Music, and Movies

  • True detective versus game of thrones: Which is a more commonly watched HBO series
  • Who would win: Iron Man versus Hulk
  • The differences and similarities between Mozart’s and Beethoven’s composition
  • What do you like the most: Action movies versus comedy movies
  • Hip pop versus country music
  • Which is the best music for concentration: Classical music versus hip hop music
  • James Bond versus Johnny English
  • Dance Music and Heavy Metal
  • Which movie is more interesting: Interstellar versus The Wolf of Wall Street

Topics About Culture

  • Greek mythology versus roman mythology
  • The origins of Islam and Christianity
  • Native American culture versus New England culture
  • Differences and similarities between Bible and Quran
  • Persian culture versus Arabic culture
  • Islamic Holidays versus Christain Holidays
  • Greek gods versus Hindu gods
  • Native Aboriginals culture versus Caucasian Australians
  • Italians versus Sicilians
  • Buddhism versus Hinduism

Topics for College Students

  • Colleges in the US versus Colleges in Europe: Differences
  • American English versus UK English
  • Differences between attending a college course versus distance-based learning
  • US versus UK education system
  • Differences between EU and ASEAN unions
  • Writing a research paper versus wring a creative paper: Which is easy
  • Behavior in married couples and unmarried couples
  • Bachelor’s degree versus master’s degree: Similarities and differences

Topics for High School Students

  • Being single versus in a relationship
  • Male versus female behavior
  • Differences and similarities between all-night studies sessions versus late-night parties
  • A teenager versus a younger adult relationship
  • Part-time job versus freelance job in college
  • Voluntarily community services versus high-school extracurricular activities
  • Economics versus business studies
  • Fanta versus 7up

 Topics about Art

  • Ancient Greek art versus Ancient Egypt art
  • German art versus American art
  • Modern painting versus modern photography
  • Differences between painting and sculptures
  • Leonardo Da Vinci versus Vincent Van Gogh: Differences and similarities in their painting style
  • Modern graphic designers versus 18th-century painters
  • Ancient Chinese art versus Ancient Japanese art

Brilliant Compare Contrast Essay Topics

  • Android phones versus iPhones: Which are the best phones?
  • The liberation of slaves versus liberation of women
  • Which language is more simple to learn: Chinese versus Russian
  • Which diet is healthier: Keto diet versus vegan diet
  • Differences between the US economy versus China’s economy
  • Which fast food is mostly consumed in the US: Pizza versus burger
  • The euro currency and US dollar: What are their advantages
  • Which is more beneficial: Studying abroad or studying in your country

 Unique Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Socialism versus capitalism. Which one is better?
  • American football versus British football: What are their differences
  • Traditional helicopters versus lifesize drones
  • Working on weekdays versus working a weekends
  • Rail versus Road travel: Which is more convenient?
  • Which is more beneficial for personal growth: Staying at home to read versus traveling the world for holidays
  • ASEAN countries: What are they more efficient versus African countries
  • Eating fruits versus drinking tea for breakfast

More Compare and Contrast Topics

  • Sports cars versus luxurious family cars
  • Differences between wireless technology and wired devices
  • Abu Dhabi vs Dubai: Which is better?
  • British versus American culture: Difference and similarities
  • Chinese Mandarin versus Taiwan Cantonese: Differences between the two languages
  • Thai Food versus Filipino cuisine
  • Black tea versus green tea: Which is healthier?
  • Which career has more impact on society? Becoming a doctor or a teacher
  • Healthy lifestyle versus obese lifestyle
  • Which is more addictive: Playing video games versus watching movies
  • Homeschooling versus public education
  • Vegetables versus fruits: Which is healthier?


We hope this article will help you to pick the best compare and contrast essay topic. If you still need help with your compare and contrast essay, just contact us. We’re available 24/7 and ready to help. We’ll guarantee a top-notch paper that meets your expectations.




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