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100+ Outstanding Essay Topics Ideas

Choosing the best Essay Topics is one of the hardest things when writing an essay.  Most students choose topics they’re genuinely interested in. Although there’s never a correct answer to selecting the best topic, there are things to consider to brainstorm ideas. Choose your point of discussion only after knowing the type of essay you’ve to create.

Tips for Choosing Brilliant Topics

The topic you choose is the most important thing before you write an essay. The essay topic idea is the backbone of your essay. Therefore, make sure the topic is perfect for you to succeed in your essay writing. Choose the essay topic you’re most passionate about. If you don’t care about the subject, creating your essay will be difficult. Also, consider your target audience when writing your essay. If your audience has little knowledge of a certain topic, omit technical or specialized topics.

Essay Topics by Category

Essay topics can be categorized into main four groups:

  1. Persuasive writing. This essay requires the writer to pick and defend a point of view on a specific topic. Argumentative, research, and persuasive essay fall into this category.
  2. Expository Writing. Here, you present facts. You inform your readers about some topic or idea.
  3. Descriptive Writing. Here, you unleash your inner artist with lively ideas and coherent ideas to explain an idea or describe a concept.
  4. Narrative Writing. It involves telling a story or explaining something in chronological order. Narrative, process, and personal essays fall into this category.

Here are some best essay topics for the most common style varieties.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

This type of essay explains how something influences another. They allow students to explain how subjects are connected. Some of the best topics include:

  1. How can social media improve people’s communication skills?
  2. Does going to college guarantee your success?
  3. Obesity prevention with exercise.
  4. Drugs and alcohol abuse are the main cause of homelessness
  5. How can freedom of speech be abused?
  6. How does consumerism pollutes the environment?
  7. Electronic devices and their influence on child development.
  8. GMOs and their influence on human genes
  9. Panic attacks and their causes.
  10. How does organic produce consumption reduce health risks?

Top 10 Argumentative Essay Topics

This kind of essay provides arguments both for or against specific issues. The arguments can be balanced on both sides of the problem or can support one of the sides. Here are some best essay topics:

  1. Should all women have access to birth control and family planning?
  2. Is social status competition beneficial?
  3. Should abortion be allowed?
  4. Does our educational system produce mentally weak citizens?
  5. Do junk food companies control our diet?
  6. Should we allow death penalties for corrupt individuals?
  7. Do careers in blogging have a future?
  8. Can we be able to live without the internet?
  9. Does social media violate our privacy?
  10. Should everyone take COVID 19 Jab?


Best Narrative Essay Topics

In this kind of essay, details play a key role. One of the goals is to paint the picture for the reader with your words. Hence, it’s better to pick a story that you remember very well and are capable of noting the small details. Some of the ideas for your essay topic include the following:

  1. Your favorite child memory
  2. The most embarrassing moment you ever experienced.
  3. How you overcame your life anxieties
  4. The time you got into an accident
  5. Your first time driving
  6. Your biggest fear
  7. The best memory you have
  8. Your first time on a plane
  9. The funniest story about you and your friends
  10. Things you hate about your high school
  11. How do you relax on weekends?


Brilliant Definition Essay Topics

These essays are about terms that are not concrete. Their goal is to define a term. Some definition essay topics include:

  1. How do you define failure?
  2. Define friendship in your life
  3. Define willpower and how to exercise it
  4. Why anger is not the answer
  5. Define kindness and how kindness helps people
  6. Define global warming and its causes
  7. Define surrealism in culture
  8. What are procrastination and its consequence
  9. Define terrorism and the reasons behind it
  10. What is happiness for you?
  11. Creativity and its importance


Process Essay Topics

They explain how something is performed. Describe the subject first, and then explain step by step how the process happens. On the contrary, it can also be groups of action that do not follow each other.

  1. How to drive a car
  2. How to make new friends
  3. How to make money online
  4. How to start a business
  5. How to learn to say “no” to people
  6. How to let go of unnecessary things
  7. How to exercise regularly
  8. How to eat healthy meals daily
  9. How to save money
  10. How to overcome being shy
  11. How to get rid of the bad habit
  12. How to choose a used car


Descriptive Essay Topics

They are similar to narrative essays, though they pay even more attention to detail yet have less action. Descriptive essays convey feeling, atmosphere, or place.

  1. Your favorite birthday
  2. Talk about a special person in your life
  3. Describe the most embarrassing situation you’ve been in.
  4. The weirdest travel you have ever had.
  5. The earliest memory you possess
  6. The most memorable day in your school
  7. The saddest day in your life
  8. Describe the first time you fell in love
  9. The most nightmare you have ever been
  10. Describe your best childhood experience
  11. The most beautiful you have ever seen


Compare and Contrast  Essay Topics

This type of essay shows your ability to find similarities and differences between two or more subjects’ points of view. Here are some of the best topics:

  1. Capitalism and communism
  2. Ketogenic diet and veganism
  3. Effects of coffee versus tea on one sleep
  4. Differences and similarities between roman and greek mythology
  5. Online dating versus real-life encounters
  6. Japanese versus Korean culture
  7. Horror films versus dark comedy films
  8. What is better: a movie or a book?
  9. Freelancing versus working in classes
  10. The first world war and second world war
  11. Living with parents versus living on campus
  12. Online shopping versus traditional shopping


Controversial Argumentative Essays

  1. Should abortion be allowed?
  2. Should LTBQ people have all the same rights as heterosexuals?
  3. Should we allow marijuana for medicinal purposes?
  4. Should we have strict gun control measures?
  5. Should physical punishment of students be allowed?
  6. Is prostitution a crime?
  7. Does bullying make people stronger?
  8. Is it immoral to have sex scenes in movies?
  9. Should public smoking be allowed?
  10. Should we increase consent to 21?
  11. Should marriage be arranged between families?


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