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How to Eradicate Corruption Essay: The Ultimate Guide & Topics

What is corruption?

It’s an abuse of power by a person or a group of people in a position of power for their own benefit. Corruption takes various forms and in different social classes and settings. It leads to unemployment and other economic issues.

Writing a corruption can be a challenge. That’s why you need to understand how it takes place and the writing process. In this article, you’ll learn how to write a corruption essay that guarantees better grades.


Forms of Corruption

Before writing an essay on corruption, you need to understand the different forms of corruption.

  • It involves offering money or other valuable items in exchange for something in exchange for forgetting something in return.
  • Embezzlement. It involves the looting of public money.
  • It’s appointing unqualified family members or associates in job positions.
  • It involves threats or violence to get something, especially money.
  • Kickback. It involves paying money to facilitate a transaction or appointment.
  • It involves the use of power or authority for personal goals.


How to Write an Essay on Corruption

First, you need to understand the parts of an essay on corruption. Then the elements to include in your writing.

  1. Headings

After choosing the paper topic, the next step is to create an outline for your writing. If necessary, compose a corruption essay with headings. At this step, you sketch out the outline.

  • What to write in the introduction
  • What points to discuss in the body section
  • What to write in the conclusion

Taking notes while doing your research will help you to put your arguments logically. It will also show what points you can use in the essay.

For a long-form essay, divide it into parts. Title each part and use headings to facilitate the reading process.


  1. Introduction

The next step is to write na introduction. Make sure to give your readers a preview of what’s coming and state your position.

  • Begin with a catchy hook
  • Write a brief description of the problem context
  • Provide a thesis statement


  1. Body Paragraphs

In the body section, provide your reader with the central points and supporting evidence. Remember to include statistics and other significant data when discussing corruption’s effects in your essay.

Every paragraph in your essay should include a topic sentence, explanation, and supporting evidence.

  1. Quotations

Quotes support credibility and add credibility to your writing. They help you to support your arguments in your essay.

If you incorporate direct quotes in your quotes, use quotation marks and mark the page for yourself. Don’t exceed the 30 words limit. On the other hand, if you decide on a whole paragraph from your source as supporting evidence, then quote indirectly. Paraphrase, summarize, or synthesize argument of interest.

  1. Conclusion

Here, restate your thesis and summarize your findings. You can also provide recommendations for future research on the topic. Make it to keep it short and clear.

Remember to reference your work.


Corruption Essay Examples

  1. Essay on Corruption: 250 words

If you’re assigned a short paper of 250 words, use simple English to explain to your reader the corruption phenomenon.

The structure must remain the same. Despite the low count, make sure your essay has an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, body section, and a conclusion.

  1. Essay on Corruption: 500 words

Here, research the reasons for corruption. Also, investigate factors that led to this phenomenon in a specific country.

Use data from official sources, for example, Transparency International. Here, you extract data for your thesis statement and more information to use in the body section. You can also use headlines to separate one cause from another. It will help your readers to browse through the text easily.

  1. Essay on Corruption: 1000 words

This kind of essay can be tiring and hard to write due to its length. To complete this essay successfully, write an outline. By outlining your paper, you will be able to structure your paper and understand what arguments you’ll use in each paragraph.


Brilliant Topics for Corruption Essay

To write a successful essay on corruption, choose an intriguing topic. Here are some suggestions for your writing;

  • Corruption in education. Examine the various types of corruption in colleges and universities. Why does it occur?
  • Systemic corruption in China. China has strict laws on corruption. However, corruption still occurs in China. Research on this topic and explains the reasons why the crime still occurs. Support your argument with relevant examples
  • Corruption and politicians: In your essay on corruption, explain why politicians engage in corruption
  • How to fight corruption? Your essay can provide methods how to reduce the effects of this crime. In your paper, state your arguments and provide supporting evidence. You can derive your arguments from the countries with the lowest corruption index. Show how they have fought it.
  • I say “No” to Corruption. Describe with relevant examples how corruption affects you or persons close to you.
  • Corruption within law enforcement agencies. Analyze how bribery impacts crime rates. You can various examples such as the case of Al Capone as supporting evidence.
  • Corporate fraud. Analyze kickbacks, bribery, and payoffs as issues within the business world. Highlight the similarities and differences.
  • Gifts and bribes. Can gits be bribes in business? In what cases?
  • Corruption in our country. You can dedicate a corruption essay about your country. Learn about its causes and how various countries fight it.
  • Cronyism and nepotism in business. Examine this type of corruption in Chinese culture.
  • How to stop corruption? Provide suggestions on how to deal with this problem in your essay. What are efficient ways to consider?
  • What is corruption? Write an essay that elaborates what it is. Also, explain the factors that impact its growth.
  • Kickback and bribery. How are they related, and how to reduce them.


That’s it.

We hope these invaluable tips will help you to write your corruption essay. Good luck with your writing. If you need help with any academic paper, just contact us. We’re ready and happy to assist.


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