Posted: June 13th, 2022



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Head to the following site and read “A Portrait of J. Random Hacker”:  The profile presented by the article is more practical than theoretical, and oddly very specific, yet wildly stereotypical.  The profile was developed from responses made by Usenet respondents, rather than professional psychologists or sociologists.  What do you think of the profile presented by the article?  Do you think this profile is more or less accurate than some of the more formally scientific profiles that have been developed in academia or similar professional settings?  How would you suggest using this profile’s results to improve the accuracy of future profiles? Explain 

Part 2

In his article “Psychological Theories of Crime and Hacking” (assigned for reading this week), Rogers explains several of the major criminological theories of cybercrime.  In your opinion, which of the theories presented is most adequate to explain the exisitence of cybercrime and cyber criminals, and why? Discuss thoroughly. 

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