Posted: July 25th, 2022

Audit Q&A


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Audit Q&A
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Assignment Content

  1. The following scenario will be used throughout all six weeks of the course.

    Imagine you are an IT manager at Gail Industries. The company has a client, Smallville Collections Processing Entity (SCOPE), which requires an annual IT audit to ensure contract compliance. Few of Gail Industries staff have been involved in an IT audit before. The CEO has asked you to prepare a presentation to all Gail Industries staff in preparation.

    Read the Gail Industries Case Study.

    Prepare a 2- to 4-page Q&A handout for IT staff members about the upcoming audit on topics listed below. There should be at least 2 questions per topic, and answers should be at least 90 words in length. Include the items below as part of the Q&A:

    • Explanation of the value and purpose of IT audits for SCOPE 
    • Description of how to respond to auditor requests and questions
    • Reasons that the client requires regular audits
    • Description of the legal and regulatory requirements for the audit
    • Format your citations according to APA guidelines. 

      Submit your assignment.

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