Posted: October 18th, 2022

Australia Wildfire(Annotated Bibliography) one and half page

The topic you should write is “Australia Wildfire” (the up to date fire)

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Australia Wildfire(Annotated Bibliography) one and half page
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Questions to discuss in the research paper: (client paper ki instructions baad mai send krry ga, for now hm ny AB karni h )

1.  what is the cause of the fire?

2.  Why does the wildfire last so long (so far, it has not been put out)?

3.  What measures has the Australian government taken to put out the fire (can be related to Q2)?

4.  Related this topic to “climate change”.

Homework 5: Annotated Bibliography


As you assemble sources for Writing Assignment 3, you will need to sort through the many possible sources you find to determine which ones are most relevant to your research paper question. One strategy for doing this is to write annotations that summarize the main points or findings of each source and evaluate their credibility and relevance to your research project. An annotated bibliography lists multiple sources with their annotations together in one place, and can be helpful step in gathering and evaluating information for your research project.

Your task in Homework 5 is to create an annotated bibliography using three scholarly sources you believe are relevant to your research question. Please include the most recent version of your research question at the top of the first page. For each source, you need a complete citation in MLA or APA (as appropriate for your topic) and an annotation. These annotations should summarize the important information in each source, assess its credibility, and briefly explain its relevance to your research project. Each annotation should be 5-7 sentences.

You may use sources you identified in Homework 3 for this assignment, but it is important that you choose sources that are relevant for your research paper. Do not simply write annotations for the first three scholarly sources you find or read.


Your research question
Three citations with annotations Typed, 12 pt font, double-spaced Submit on Canvas as Word file

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