Posted: July 20th, 2022

BGMT 364

The following chart displays the results of the first year’s production of a new electric-car produced by Sleek Motors.  The table was created from data supplied by the company’s entire production department managed by Isaac Newton, as a means of controlling production output.   You recently joined the production department as a quality assurance associate after grading with a degree in business.   Your manager, Tomas has asked you to do an analysis on the first year’s production results.  Tomas indicated that this information will be used by the Vice President in his evaluation of areas of improvement, change, or processes used by the production department in the production of the mini-car.  The company aims for the highest possible quality products for consumers.  

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BGMT 364
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The chart below describes the standards set by the department and the results for each branch of Sleek Motors.  A comparison of the standard to the results allows the reader to form conclusions about the success or failure of the production department to meet the goals envisioned by the company. It also allows the reader to recognize patterns from the data from which conclusions can be drawn as to the relationship between elements (e.g. cost expended vs time expended; those who spent more time had a higher cost).

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