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Initial Post Instructions and Requirements: Choose one of these discussion topics. Formulate an organized, clearly worded, and succinct initial post that substantively covers all discussion points stated for your chosen topic. Because your initial post will be scored on the degree to which you meet these standards, there is no set minimum word requirement. However, there […]

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Geology Lab Assignment

part 1 with the experiments will not be graded and does not need to be completed. In part 2 you will be creating a profile. Follow the instructions for 13.2 and refer to the Glacier Lab Handout document Part 3: Follow handout instructions and let me know if you need assistance with math or glacial […]

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Short answer question

Write a short letter (1 paragraph) to your parents or grandparents explaining the cause of coral bleaching.   Explain how extensive the problem is and what does the future hold for coral reefs around world if our current anthropogenic CO2 production does not change?   Why should we care about the plight of coral reef colonies since […]

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New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina, & Warming Earth Questions

Answer the attached questions using the links and video provided. Short answers 2-5 sentences.  Work must be original, it will be submitted through Turn It In.  Due in 24 hours. Friday 10pm PST.  $10 offers only, others will be rejected.  Thank you. 

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Geology discussion

What is your go-to resource for weather information? This could be an app, website, social media page, TV channel, TV program, youtube channel, or other source. Describe your go-to weather information resource and why you have come to rely on it. Then, walk through how you imagine that resource gets their weather information and processes […]

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Lab and instructions are attached. Textbook: Earth Science , Tarbuck and Lutgens, Prentice Hall, 14th ed.

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 I need urgent assistance with this document. The tutor need to pay close attention to the details in the instruction such as provide APA references, diagram, geologic location examples etc.  I need it by today, but latest tomorrow.

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(Introduction To Geology And Societal Impacts) Movie reflection

After watching the movie “Chasing Ice”. Explain why glaciers are considered “Canaries in the Coal Mine” in the context of climate change and a warming earth.   How will disappearing glaciers and rising snow levels in the Cascades affect the lives of Washingtonians living near this mountain range (think about from the perspective of urban dwellers […]

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Planet Earth 8 page paper due tonight

Instructions Term Paper: 100 pts possible, due Dec 10. Graded primarily on originality, must be submitted through “Turnitin.” Please study both sides of the Global Climate Change debate. Relate the two sides of the debate in your own words (no direct quotations, please), then critically evaluate the two sides (eg, who is making the claims, […]

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Heat and gravity.

   PROBLEM 4–20 A mountain range can be represented as a periodic topography with a wavelength of 100 km and an amplitude of 1.2 km. Heat flow in a valley is measured to be 46 mW m−2. If the atmospheric gradi- ent is 6.5 K km−1 and k = 2.5 Wm−1 K−1, determine what the […]

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