Paper on President George Washington

a 4/5 page paper (size 12 type, double spaced), either on one of the first fifteen U. S. Presidents, or one  of the first ladies during the same time period. A typical paper on one of the presidents  would include a brief biography, political and/or philosophical beliefs, accomplishments  in office, and a comparison to a […]

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Forum 3

ased on the content of the course (Readings, Presentations, Discussion Board Forum 1, and Assignments) choose 1 of the following worldviews (Secular Humanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, or Islam) and answer the following questions (250–500 words). These questions must be answered in separate paragraphs. What practical steps could be taken to build a relationship with a follower […]

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History Essays

In need of essay questions completed by tomorrow tonight

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The Debate over Independence

One of the key roles of a historian is to understand the differing perspectives of the past. Just like people today have differing political opinions, so too did people in the past. While we may not always agree with a particularly perspective, it is still important to understand all points of view. This discussion will […]

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as discussed

   The Great Depression started with a stock market crash and ended spreading to affect the global economy. When FDR was elected as the president in 1932, he immediately embarked on developing an ambitious plan of getting the country out of the Great Depression. He, therefore, signed the New Deal, domestic legislation that expanded the […]

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History Paper

paper over film “Grease” in the 1950s in Chicago style with a bibliography 

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Documentary summaries

Type a one page summary on EACH f the two documentaries. The documentaries are “Riding the rails” and “Sunset of limited”

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reading reviews

  Reading Reviews: Students are expected to move beyond the simple observations of a reader response in order to grapple with the texts analytically and argue for or against specific claims and evidence in 500 words or more.   Option – Summary: Write one short paragraph on each reading, identifying its site, perspective, argument, data […]

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Watch parts 1 & 2 of video below and post comments about what you learned and why that is important in the larger understanding of the PNW, and more specifically the major city of Portland, Oregon. What is remarkable about this story?( 200 words)

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Week Two Discussion One

 In a new thread, in your opinion and experience, rank the Eleven Principles of Leadership (U.S. Army 1983), one through eleven, from most important to least important, as necessary for being an effective and successful leader.  Explain the reason you chose your number one and number eleven principles in those ranked positions. At a minimum, post at least […]

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