Posted: October 15th, 2022



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1. Discuss some of the things that you have learned from the MATHLAB Academy tutorial, and which functions you had more difficulties learning?

2. In this module, I include a file called Bisection Technique. I use an example similar to the textbook described in section 2.1.  I start to solve the example by hand and complete it using MATLAB. After reading the Bisection technique lesson 4 and section 2.1 of the textbook, answer the following discussion question in your own words. 

When running the Bisection method in lesson 4 (program 1.1), with a tolerance of 0.001 the answer is 1.3652 which is equivalent to p9 according to table 2.1 from the textbook.  When running p13 in lesson 4 (program 1.2), the answer is 1.3651 which is equivalent to p13.  Which one of the answers do you think is the most accurate answer closest to the solution and why? Which of the two calculation methods do you prefer and why?  Elaborate in your answers.

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