Posted: August 4th, 2022

Discussion Question 300 Words

Remember Cary from Discussion Board 1?  Well, he was charged and convicted with 1st Degree Burglary and 1st Degree Murder.  His offense was classified as a Class A felony, and the DA is now seeking the death penalty.  The DA is working on getting the victim’s family to prepare victim impact statements for the sentencing.

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Discussion Question 300 Words
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Just to recap, why was the DA able to justify charging Cary with 1st Degree Murder, even though he called 9-1-1 after the victim collapsed? 

Based on what the DA is seeking for a punishment, what correctional philosophy(ies) (or purposes) do you believe that sentence would fall under?  Please justify your answer.  

Power Point Presentation: Correctional Institutes. This link will open in a new window.”>Power Point Presentation: Correctional Institutes

Power Point Presentation: Five Purposes of American Corrections

Youtube Video: Prison History


Youtube Video: Alternatives to Corrections More than Just a Jail

 PDF Document: John Augustus

 Microsoft Word Document: John Augustus

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