Posted: September 17th, 2022



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In this module, you learned that recruiting is the art of attraction, and that cultivating a strong employer brand is an essential aspect of that process. Employer branding matters for two primary reasons: it affects an organization’s ability to attract and retain talent and it has labor cost and productivity implications. An ability to cultivate and communicate an engaging employer brand is particularly critical given that it’s a sellers market, with heightened employee expectations and increased competition for a smaller pool of workers.

Your Task

In your fourth rotation, you are reporting to the firm’s Employer Branding lead. This is a relatively new practice and the team is still developing services and associated deliverables. You have been assigned to develop a proprietary (original) 1-page “How to Build a Strong Brand” overview for clients. Bonus points: submit your deliverable as an infographic (For perspective, search for “how to build an employer brand” and select Images). Refer to Employer Branding (Links to an external site.) for a jump start. Although your how-to must be original (riffing is fine; duplication is not), it should address the following four points:

  • Step 1: Evaluate your brand.
  • Step 2: Identify/clarify your employer proposition.
  • Step 3: Connect with your audience.
  • Step 4: Recruit & support brand ambassadors.

This assignment requires you to incorporate research (cite Harris Poll, Gallup or other credible data) on why a recommendation matters and specific action items associated with each step.

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