Posted: August 27th, 2022

Epidemiology Unit 1 Assignment 1 Trends Key Assessment CLO#2


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Epidemiology Unit 1 Assignment 1 Trends Key Assessment CLO#2
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Assignment Objectives:

  1. Meet CAHIIM Curriculum requirement for Bachelor Degree
    1. Domain III. Informatics, Analytics and Data Use
    2. Subdomain III.C. Analytics and Decision Support
    3. Section 4. Analyze clinical data to identify trends that demonstrate quality, safety, and effectiveness of healthcare
    4. Competencies: Epidemiological applications

Assignment Purpose:

Analyze clinical data

Assignment Description:

Visit the CDC website on tuberculosis located at

Review the information located on this site including Trends in Tuberculosis, TB incidence in the United States, Surveillance: Reported TB Cases and other information.

Develop a 2 -3 page APA formatted paper which analyzes the trends in tuberculosis. Explain how this analysis affects the quality, safety, and effectiveness of healthcare. Also within your paper address endemic, epidemic, and pandemic in relation to tuberculosis. Use at least two peer-reviewed references.

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