Posted: June 13th, 2022


Write narrative essay that questions/explores your choice to pursue your chosen career pathway ( BUSINESS)

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Your personal narrative should address the following, or some variation thereof:

  • tell the story of a defining moment that drove or inspired you to become involved in your field
  • if there wasn’t one defining moment for choosing your pathway, tell the story of an event when you learned or practiced a skill you believe will serve you well in that career/pathway 
  • You can add this example to the essay, in your words is fine :  ( My dad is a business man, so i grew up always seeing him work a lot, and he would take me to his job since I was little to keep him company and observe his work.  I think i can say i have that on me, growing up with my dad always working with passion, my dad is my biggest inspiration and he is one of the reasons a choose this pathway, and i know he will always guide me because he understand about business very well.) 

For example, maybe you decided to go into nursing because you were very sick one summer before 2nd grade or maybe you took apart your father’s computer one day and realized you were very skilled at putting things back together.

Notice these are both things that happened during a limited amount of time.

The narrative essay does not try to cover a large span of time.

Rather, it tells the focused story of one event with a clear beginning and end.

Essay should be around 500 words in lenght

(no plagiarism will be accepted)

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