Posted: August 10th, 2022


Jamie Dimon, CEO of J P Morgan Chase & Co., recently wrote a significant letter to shareholders, in the style of some of Warren Buffet’s shareholder letters.  Dimon is one of the smartest executives in business and talks about a lot of different issues that we should be thinking about.  Please read the entire letter and then pick out five topics that you believe to be very significant and also interesting to you.  Analyze Dimon’s comments and include your own thoughts.  Discuss how this might change the way you invest or do business.  Overall, show us that you’ve put some serious thought into the topic.  The purpose of this topic is to expose you to leading thoughts and help you to become a “thinker.”  Don’t exceed more than a a page or so per topic.  

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I am assigning peer reviews on this discussion.  Please write something substantive.  

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