Posted: October 18th, 2022

For Chary Only!!! Three questions

The first page I need is a excel chart showing 1 month organization budget that details expenses, and the resulting surplus or deficit. You can make up the name or use Bethel Church Of Christ ok.

The second paper I need is 

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For Chary Only!!! Three questions
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For the second you can just make up names…the  assignment is I need a Fundraising Spreadsheet and Graph to show total goal, pledges and donations.  The spreadsheet will be in numbers and the graph (chart) will be a visual displayOk .


the third  paper I need is:

For this assignment I need you to create me a spreadsheet. Giving Income Spreadsheet that includes a fictitious list of contributors and a record of their giving for one month.  The page will show total giving per contributor (row), per category (column), and total giving income for the month.   Upon completion of this assignment you should be able to:   

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