Posted: October 19th, 2022

Informational Graphics Set

You work for a company which manufactures wind turbine and sells them internationally. You have been asked to prepare a portion of a report discussing how sales abroad have increased in recent years. Shown below are the number of sales per year for 2018, 2019, and 2020, listed in that order, for 8 countries.

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Informational Graphics Set
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Country   Units Sold

  • Australia              75, 90, 120
  • Brazil                   28, 35, 36
  • Canada               118, 225, 256
  • China                   9, 100, 287
  • England               245, 352, 442
  • Germany             238, 397, 485
  • Japan                  65, 48, 29
  • Korea                  55,41, 27

Create two visuals which complement each other, one a table, and the other a graph. You are free to choose the type of graph. Also, write a paragraph in which you analyze and compare the data in your visuals, making note of any significant trends.

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