Posted: July 30th, 2022

Learning Strategies for Success

Many students will readily agree that they have embraced help when writing their papers. However, when does seeking writing help cross the line into cheating? How could a “homework assistance” website promote academic dishonesty? In your opinion, what should happen to students who have paid someone to complete their work?

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Learning Strategies for Success
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It’s fine and perfectly acceptable to consult the Writing Center at CSU after you’ve written a paper for feedback and assistance.  Integrity should be questioned when a student pays an online presence or another person to complete their work.  Academic integrity is putting in the time and doing the work and being given a grade you deserve.  If someone has paid another person to complete their work, that person should receive academic probation and a review of the circumstances.  I do think all people deserve a second chance, so a probation of sorts would be warranted and any further integrity issues should be fully measured with past discrepancies in mind.

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