Posted: October 10th, 2022

Maintaining the Loyalty of Stakeholders


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Maintaining the Loyalty of Stakeholders
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To maintain political, governmental, staff, and patient loyalty, the healthcare organization must provide a sense of organizational stability and view of the legislative landscape. In Chapters 14 and 15 we have researched and investigated the need to align both public opinion with staff trust. The political landscape is the basis for healthcare policy, guidance, state, local, and community support (both fiscal and legal) engaging in political trade-offs to stabilize the healthcare industry (such as in the cost, pharmaceuticals, insurance premiums, and organizational ROI in the healthcare industry). Healthcare organizations must provide the necessary guidance and advocacy for stakeholders in the setting of both state and federal legislature as a voice of reason, authority, and integrity. Provide information on the following:

  • -Research a policy associated with the Affordable Care Act in your home state or      another state that may affect healthcare reform and/or the way health care is provided in the chosen state.
  • -Describe the policy and who wrote and/or promoted the policy legislature (provide      statistical data).
  • -What are the trade-offs offered to bring balance to the healthcare stakeholders?
  • -What role have public perception and disinterestedness played in the valuation of      healthcare performance?
  • -Describe how process innovation, risk taking, health policy analysis, and      governance “sense-making” provide balance for stakeholders.

Your paper

  • Must be 3-5 double-spaced pages in length (not including title and reference page)
  • Must use at least 2 scholarly sources

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