Posted: September 14th, 2022

Major Project 1 (Incomplete)


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Major Project 1 (Incomplete)
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Normative Ethics is a category of ethical theories that focuses on how we ought to live. Normative theories are commonly grouped as: virtue theories, duty (or deontological) theories, and consequential (or teleological) theories. 

A. Write an introduction that 1.) explains normative ethics and 2.) explains the purpose of your paper.

B. For each subcategory above (virtue, duty, consequential), 

1. Explain the category

2. Explain 3 theories for each subcategory (no less than 9 total theories explained in the project)

3. Explain how each of the 9 theories aligns or does not align with a Christian perspective. The proper way to write this is to explain the theory and then write how it aligns or does not align with a Christian perspective before you explain the next theory. Alignment should be based on research and biblical support. You will lose 10 points for each theory if this is only based on your interpretation of scripture or your opinion. 

Example of one theory that is a consequential: 
Consequential theories are defined…
Utilitarianism is ….

It aligns with a Christian perspective…

C. Write a conclusion


Make sure to transition between each paragraph.

 Write paper in APA format.

1. Cover page should have a “Running head:” and page number

2. Page 2 should be an abstract (An abstract is not an introduction. It should be written in your own words and explain the purpose of the paper). [Running head beginning on this page should change]

3. References should be formatted correctly following APA guidelines.

Use headings for each theory following APA guidelines.

 *Note: An internet search of any theory and “Christian perspective” will provide the needed research for this paper.

 Paper should be between 8 and 12 double spaced pages. The page count does not include title page, abstract, nor references. Do not add extra spacing or lines between paragraphs or sections. APA has strict formatting guidelines that you must follow such as all of the margins should be 1″. Do not make margins any larger than 1″. Paper should have no less than 15 references. The Bible does not count as a reference and should not be written in the reference section.

**Plagiarism is serious and may result in a zero even if it is unintentional. All work will be checked for plagiarism during grading. Students are expected to properly paraphrase information using in-text citations. Directly quoted information must have both quotation marks and an in-text citation. As a graduate student, you must demonstrate your understanding of the material by properly paraphrasing information and rarely quoting information. Changing or deleting a few words in a sentence may still constitute plagiarism – make sure you understand plagiarism!

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