Posted: April 15th, 2022


Avoid Plagiarism – A Refresher

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Create a MS PowerPoint brief on the topic of Academic Integrity.  

  • Cover (Course, Student Name, Date)
  • Ideas/Concepts –
    • Add graphics or screen captures if desired.
    • One slide is dedicated to locating and listing at least three (3) UC resources that the university provides regarding writing assistance, avoiding plagiarism
  • Conclusion

Search UC website(s), Course Announcements for appropriate resources.  You may use the UC Library and other websites for this assignment. 

Add references.

Suggested Format:

Slide 1: Cover page

Slides 2-7:  Ideas/concepts – discuss academic integrity, e.g. the effects of dishonesty on the violator, the school, the original author, society, etc.

Slide 8: A brief personal statement about your pledge to avoid academic dishonesty and what that means to you and the university (standards, morals, character, etc.)

Slide 10: List 3 resources that the University of the Cumberlands or other websites which provide information to help you avoid plagiarism.

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