Posted: August 7th, 2022

Public health

Write a 7-9 page paper that analyzes the communication in an interpersonal relationship. In the analysis, use what you consider to be the three most appropriate concepts, theories, and or perspectives from the class that apply to the relationship (e.g., micro flashes, conflict style, listening responses) The paper should be formatted in the following fashion: 1 to 1 ½ page introduction that includes an overview of the relationship and an overview of the analysis; 1-2 page analysis of each of the constructs chosen for study; a 1 to 1 ½ page conclusion. Actual examples (i.e., dialogue, behavioral descriptions) from the relationship should be used to support the analysis No late papers will be accepted. The paper should be 7-9 typed pages (double spaced, Times-New Roman or Calibri). Proofread your papers carefully. Direct quotes from the text should be appropriately cited using MLA or APA). Feel free to consult other sources; while not required, they can help your grade. Include a work

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Public health
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