Posted: October 22nd, 2022

Sales Proposal

Write a sales proposal as a collaborative group, similar to the one in Figure 13.6 (pages 537–539), on one of the following services or products or on a topic your  instructor  approves:

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Sales Proposal
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a.  providing exterminating or trash removal service to a store or restaurant

b.  supplying a hospital with rental tablet devices for patients’ rooms

c.  designing websites or blogs

d.  obtaining temporary office help or nursing care

e.  supplying landscaping and lawn care work

f.  testing for noise, air, or water pollution in your community or neighborhood

g.  furnishing transportation for students, employees, or members of a community group

h.  offering technical consulting service to save a company money

i.  digging a well for a small apartment complex

j.  supplying insurance coverage to a small firm (five to ten employees)

k.  cleaning the parking lot and outside walkways at a shopping center

l.  making a work area safer or greener

m.  preparing an IT seminar or training program for employees

n.  increasing donations to a community or charitable fund

o.  offering discounted memberships at a fitness center

This will be an outside communication, so you will need to format the proposal as the type of document used for external communications.

Please read page 536-541.

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