Posted: October 17th, 2022

Team Assignment/Presentation

Each team will be assigned a case to review and provide a summary/recap during class. Each team will be expected to lead the class discussion and present/discuss the case’s summary as well as respond to a series of questions associated with each case. The order of team discussions/presentations during the course will follow the order the cases are listed during the class sessions (modules).

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Team Assignment/Presentation
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Team assignments for each case as well as corresponding questions will be available at the top of the modules section for your team’s reference. Teams will be formed three weeks prior to the course start date once add/drop period closes.

  • What does the company really do, i.e. in a few simple words:  

▪What goes in (comes from suppliers)?  

▪What comes out (goes to customers)? 

  • Key figures (e.g.): 




▪# people 

▪# of customers 


▪Total Assets 

  • Strong points of this company (for Kamm buying it) 

Tech , innovation and patents(intelectual property) used in the project  

Full range of equipment and engineerng software 

Partner with siemense ,Lissmac, 

Master riger licence 

  • Weak points of this company (for Kamm buying it) 

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