Posted: October 13th, 2022

Unit 4

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Unit 4
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Assignment Description

There are two parts to this week’s individual project assignment.  

Part 1: 

You will be submitting your first draft of the Executive Summary, that includes your work from Units 1–3 and in addition, you will add the following:

Week 4: Implementation Plan and Strategy

For a project to be successful, it must have a detailed implementation plan that encompasses each step. 

  1. Create an implementation plan (work breakdown structure) that walks through the process step-by-step and provides a schedule for each milestone in the project plan. An outline format in 1-2 pages is encouraged. 
  2. Write an additional 2–3 pages that cover the following:
    • Explain your strategies for implementing the change within the organization, such as training or process change. 
    • Explain your strategies for monitoring the project. 
    • Explain any risks or challenges that you anticipate, and how you plan to overcome those risks. 

Add these two components to your Executive Summary, along with any citations and references that are used. 

Part 2: Plan Presentation

Physicians are key stakeholders in a health care organization. You need to prepare an Executive Summary and PowerPoint of your project for the physician executive meeting. The meeting lasts an hour long, and you have been allotted 20 minutes to present your Executive Summary. 

In this summary, you need to have the following:

  • Title Slide 
  • Slides 1–2: Summary of Issue and Trend Solution 
  • Slides 3–4: Organizational Assessment 
  • Slides 4–5: Project Planning and Budget 
  • Slides 6–7: Implementation Plan and Implementation Strategy  
  • Reference Slide 

Physicians deliver care to patients using evidence-based practice and are accustomed to using data to support decisions.  Therefore, be sure to incorporate data including visual images such as charts and graphs that support your conclusions. Each slide should include 100-200 words of speaker notes. Provide citation throughout, as well as an APA-style reference slide.

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