Posted: July 7th, 2022


 A variety of industries have unique  problems that come with a lack of understanding of diversity. You are to  locate a peer-reviewed journal article in the CSU Online Library on  “diversity dilemma” that was published within the last 10 years that  relates to an organization or industry that is struggling due to a lack  of diversity. Then, you are to write an  explain The dilemma.  Within your , you are to address the following points.  

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  • Define diversity. 
  • Provide an overview of the dilemma presented in your chosen research article
  • Address how diversity training can be tailored to this organization or industry. 
  • Do you think diversity training would be effective? If so, what  about it makes it effective? If not, what would you do to improve  diversity outcomes in organizations? 
  • What management strategies could be implemented to make diversity a cultural benefit within this organization? 

 should be a minimum of  three pages in length, not counting the title page and references page.  Be sure to include an introduction to your paper. You are required to  use a minimum of one source from the CSU Online Library for this  assignment. Use APA format , including all references and  in-text citations.  

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