Posted: October 16th, 2022

Updates research paper

Comments to address :

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Updates research paper
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Abstract should be more specific to the finding on nanotech for telecom/wireless. Too broad at present. – 

The Background is very high level, not engouth deail on how conventialn wireless/telecom devices work. Need this as a basis to then discuss the nanotech mateirals, devices, and solution for this application space. – Good discussion on various nanotech applications and device. Can show some specific figures, how nanotech works, and discuss key equations for each system. 

– Structure of the paper needs to be most clear, somewhat rambling. Good topics, just needs better organization of the various sub topics.

 – Need figures for all devices. Also missing technical details on some of the devices discussed. –

 Conclusions section is too short, need to synthesize the major findings as relates to using nanotechnology in wireless and comms.

This is the format of the document:

  1. Title Page: Include the Research Topic Title, Course Name, Course Instructor Name, and Date.
  2. Abstract: Provide about half-page abstract distilling the contents of your research paper.
  3. Introduction: Identify the nanotechnology application(s) you will be reporting in this Research Paper and introduce its relevance and importance.
  4. Background: Systematically discuss all prior nanoscience and nanotechnology work behind the application you are researching about. You should refer to primary sources as much as practically possible and use only professionally accepted ways of acknowledging the sources, such as through citations.
  5. Nanotechnology Application(s): Discuss your chosen nanotechnology application(s), particularly drawing reader’s attention to societal and environmental effects of chosen application(s). In detail, explain how your chosen product(s) or process(es) are made, who makes or uses them, and what are its (their) advantages over earlier technology-based product(s) or process(es).
  6. Discussions: Clearly discuss the application(s) as related to nanoscience and nanotechnology. Make sure all the diagrams are completely labeled and have clear captions. Diagrams or figures taken from any source should be cited in the caption itself.
  7. Conclusions and Suggestions for Future Work: Summarize your paper. Describe what was accomplished because of this research paper project. Suggest glaring problems or issues you uncovered, which should be pursued further.
  8. References: Cite all sources used in your research paper, using APA or IEEE style for citations. Your work must not contain any copied or plagiarized content. All writing must be in your own words.

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